How Women Get Heart Smart

Heart Smarter for Women: Six Weeks to a Healthier Heart equips all women with an actionable plan for heart healthier living. It empowers women to be champions of their own heart health by providing them with insight, understanding, and tools by way of a step-by-step weekly roadmap that also includes exercise programs and meal guides.

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About The Authors

The Heart Smarter team is composed of leading cardiologists Drs. Jennifer Mieres and Stacey Rosen, patient advocate Lori Russo, and seasoned nutritionist Marissa Licata. Drs. Mieres and Rosen have over 50 years of combined experience in cardiovascular medicine treating women of all races, ethnicities, and ages. Frequently featured in the media as the experts in women’s cardiovascular health, they are passionate about spreading awareness about heart disease prevention.

About The Katz Institute for Women’s Health

The Katz Institute For Women’s Health provides a complete healthcare approach focused on providing a continuum of care over a woman’s lifespan. Every day, KIWH defines the standards of excellence in patient-centered women’s health care through coordinated sex- and gender-based clinical care, health education focused on prevention and well-being, and the support of sex- and gender-specific research. The KIWH network of women’s health experts is exclusively dedicated to raising every aspect of women’s health and partnering with women across all ages of life to better manage their health and unique medical needs.

Women’s Heart Health

Heart Smarter is making heart health more easily attainable for women of all ages so they can lead longer, happier, healthier lives. No matter who you are, you can make it your mission to become smarter about your heart health.

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More than 90%

of all women have one or more risk factors of heart disease.

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Nearly 1 out of 3

women living in the United States suffers from some form of heart disease

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Women can lower their risk of heart disease

by as much as 80%

simply by making healthy lifestyle changes