Heart Smarter for Women:

Six Weeks to a Healthier Heart

When thinking about heart health, it’s the small steps that make the biggest difference, and yet women are often uninformed that heart disease is even a risk. Heart Smarter empowers women to make informed decisions that promote a lifetime of heart health.

This book is your invitation to become heart smarter—to combat statistics with knowledge and understanding. We want to partner with you as you begin the journey to heart health, providing you with clear, simple instructions and a six-week plan that has proven highly successful with readers and with our patients.

We want to share new research and new guidelines that have been released since the first edition of this book—information that will clarify how and why heart health matters for you.

And we want to celebrate with you as you become a better partner to your medical provider, as you stock your pantry with healthier items and prepare delicious healthy meals, as you try out new approaches to heart-healthy living.

These are choices that will impact not only your heart, but your overall health. The steps we recommend in this book may also contribute to better gastrointestinal health, lowered rates of dementia, and improved cognitive abilities – healthier aging. These are steps that can lengthen your lifespan and improve your energy.

With that in mind, Heart Smarter is separated into three parts:

Women & Heart Disease

Provides a comprehensive discussion of the workings of the healthy heart and the risk factors, signs, and symptoms of heart disease. It familiarizes you with the vocabulary of heart disease so that you can comfortably communicate with your doctor and advocate for your own health care. These chapters provide the necessary background regarding the “why’s” of our six-week program and explain how each step may apply to your particular health situation.

The Six S.T.E.P.S.

Provides the “how,” with the complete Six S.T.E.P.S. in Six Weeks to Heart-Healthy Living Program. Here you will find a week-by-week roadmap for your journey to heart health, including choosing the right foods, dining at home and outside of the home, finding a doctor who is the right physician-partner for you, and learning to maximize sleep and minimize stress.

Your Heart IQ

Contains helpful content designed to equip you to elevate your heart IQ and become smarter about your heart health. Here, you will find six access points you can use to immediately begin to incorporate your new knowledge into your daily life. There are opportunities to learn more with detailed portion size guidelines; training tips for strength and flexibility exercises you can practice in the comfort of your home; recovery tips for heart attack survivors; and answers to questions you may have about heart disease and heart treatments, tests, and medications.

This book was inspired by the thousands of incredible women we have met as patients and at community lectures and health screenings over the past 30 years. It is meant to empower you and to translate the knowledge of heart disease into an action plan that will put you firmly on the road to heart-healthy living.

This book is your guide to taking charge of your health in easy but meaningful ways.

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